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Our Approach

Beers, Hamerman, Cohen & Burger, PC is the trusted advisor who clients turn to for all of their financial and business needs. At BHCB, we provide the highest quality of service and technical advice through personal engagement and clear communication with our clients.

In addition to servicing our clients, we believe a strong business begins with a strong foundation, and our employees make up that foundation. One of our most important goals is to employ top talent for our team in all our job positions and to create a positive working environment where each employee feels valued. Our Core Values help us achieve that goal, and are the standards by which we hold each other accountable to and exemplify on a daily basis.

Our Core Values:

  • Integrity – We pride ourselves in displaying the utmost integrity in everything we say and do. Evidenced by the way we work to provide our clients with the best service and products in the most ethical fashion, as well as how we work within our team.
  • Respect – Always respectful, regardless of the circumstance. Evidenced as we treat everyone fairly by being kind, understanding and listening and encouraging input from all, regardless of the situation.
  • Family Values – We encourage that each person strives for harmony and balance in their life. Evidenced by our understanding of each other’s desire to have a well-balanced life outside of work. We do this without compromising our commitment to our high standards of quality work.
  • Teamwork and Communication – In our pursuit of excellence – “all for one and one for all”. We are dedicated to successful results in our work, while supporting each other’s needs. As a team, we recognize everyone’s strengths as a contributor to make our team successful. In all areas, we promote collaboration and open and honest communication.
  • Fun – Work hard, play hard(er). We offer a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere that encourages comradery, lightheartedness and inclusion.

We endeavor to reflect these values in all that we do.